Professional grill assembly

Planning to upgrade your outdoor kitchen with a new BBQ grill, but want to spare the hassle with transportation and assembly?

After all, it might not be the easiest gig to accomplish yourself. Leave it to professionals! From transportation to swift and smart assembly, we take care of every step in the process to ensure that your new BBQ pal is up and ready to use as quickly and flawlessly as possible. Our comprehensive services include gas and electrical hookups, as well as removal and disposal of your old grill.

Service any grill type

The best part of outdoor cooking is enjoying the end result – not putting the grill together. We expertly assemble various types of grills and smokers, so you can save your time and focus on the fun part.

Pickup and delivery

Don't worry about the hassle of transporting your new grill. Let us handle the delivery right to your assembly site and ensure its perfect condition.

Old grill disposal

Why waste your time preparing a perfect assembly site for your new grill if you can leave it to experts? We'll get it done quickly and efficiently.

Extra services

We're more than just grill delivery and assembly experts. Our company also provides inspection, cleaning and repair services. Plus, our technicians can assess the current condition and value of your old grill.

Get your new BBQ grill transported and assembled in no time

Count on Dennie’s Grill Cleaning & Repair to swiftly and securely transport and assemble your new BBQ grill, leaving you with more time to enjoy your backyard cooking.

We offer:

Transportation and assembly of gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, and smokers
Preparing the grill assembly site, and connecting all required cables and hoses
Post-assembly verification of grill’s proper function
Thorough clean-up after completing the job
Assessment of your other grill(s) current condition and value

Check out this page for a complete breakdown of our services and pricing options.

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Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the list above.

We work with various types of grills, and smokers.

To streamline and simplify the assembly process, please confirm the safe delivery of all grill components and, if feasible, bring them to the assembly site.

Yes, our expert conducts the pre-assembly inspection. Should the grill arrive damaged or with missing parts, the technician will discuss with you how to proceed. Keep in mind that even if assembly is not fully completed due to missing parts, assembly charges for the appointment still apply.

Our technicians are not licensed plumbers and can only connect your grill to a house gas line if there is a proper quick-connect fitting in place.

No. You must purchase it separately.